Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thank you.

There is nothing left to desire.

Love has found me.

It is my inner fire.

She asked, "what if you are your greatest love?"

Sometimes it's not so bad to be wrong.

I suppose so ;}

Go ahead and describe the perfect sunset
It'll never touch you the way that
its kisses will as they work their way
down your body
inch by inch
encircling you with the warmth
and wetness
of her colorful caresses
when you stare into her eye,
letting her
have her way with you

Come on now, touch me baby...

Can you see it?
This bright glint of light
mingling with day before
turning to night

one small flash of wonder
as I dance through day's light
propelled by the magic
of this dream's lovely might

Can you hear it?
This sweet note of splendor
which harmony joins
in the sweetest surrender

one small clash of thunder
to waken the earth
as sweet spirits sleep
awaiting their birth

Can you feel it?
moving just for a second,
the universe trembles
for it knows how my heart yearns

one small jolt of motion
one heart can't stop beating
one soul for its wanting
one great dream for the taking

     -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

(And I hovered over you today
I hope you do not mind
but as my heart was flying by,
I felt your soul in kind

just one quick flash of lightning
which caught my eye...
your dream's bright light-
lit up the sky) is a small world!

The epoch ellipse

And what of this?

The beginning of time
as time is redefined
in an explosion
of things that matter
that matter to my heart
my new heart

Heat so intense
as every molecule of
my being reinvents
itself in your new light
which you shine on me
exploding all over me

A new universe
created in just one fraction of
this moment
or was it?
Was this world a culmination
of all of the heat,

hammered by this one big bang?
Each explosion the
beginning of a new world
(inside me)
each time we shake the earth
from which we came
and find a new home

Ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
what we were, are,
and will be
a part of each and
every one of us

Why do you take yourself so seriously? Why don't you?


Even the ocean knows stillness
and in these moments reflects
the stars
or maybe in losing itself,
becomes them

(And you and I are not so different after all.)

Friday, October 25, 2013

To inherit the earth

Ask of me anything you want
take whatever you think you need
Know that I will surely give
for love has made a slave of me

Towering tree beyond my reach
ever stretching toward the sky
never does it fail to shelter
the restless wings of tireless flight

nor does the ocean cease to harbor
whales or turtles or angle faced fish
with never a question and never a doubt
for love's beating heart is anonymous

It's not that I crave your hungry, warm kisses
or the grasp of your strong, searching hand
These treats after all are not mine to savor
but I once knew your heart in the world of forever

So ask what you will and take what you need
for mine is the deepest pleasure
when I pray that I give you what you need to become
love's devoted slave, forever

if not for me, then for the world... 

We never lose by loving, only by holding back

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

(,♥‿♥,) morning glory

Tell me what soul is
not incredible
name me a heart that
does not beat out loud
Take me to that place
that you go and
Hold me in your strength
while I blossom and glow

Laugh with me while we
sprout with the green grass
sing me this new song that
I never knew to play
For light and love are not
the heart's consumption
but the light of your own raw emotions
when you learn to choose to play the song

I am sorry I never knew you
but I think I know you now
as the smile turns toward the moon
as the sun lays low, and this
long day ends and my dreams
blossom anew

thank you

Sunday, October 20, 2013

L'il Blossom

Please do not miss-take
my silence for
anything other than
that feeling that overtakes
the night as she basks
in the glow of the light
of what she once was,
knowing how full she will be
even in the
depths of darkness...

a place where the memory
ever vibrant, tickles me
in an aftershock
where I shake
and tremble just as I did
when you filled my brokenness
as your bliss spilled over me
for in that one moment gone
I am -always- eternity

In my silence I go there
so I can be with you

Yeah you...what's your name?