Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reading Comprehension

If I speak out loud
Then I have no need
To write my words
For turnabout
And words, not Change,
Are mine to give,
And so I bow to them,
my art

Scorpion Moon rising (part 2)

(There is a fluency of motion that is incurred by the blending of two sensations such as symmetry (sight) and emotion (touch). Think of the two strands of the helix, how when they wrap up in each other, two lines become something so much more extraordinary than any collective configuration could ever have dreamt of being. It's what makes art dance right off the page; or music leap right into your soul; or maybe even love expressed with or without words. These motions are what move our souls. I know you know this feeling of complete ecstasy, when holding, kissing and loving the one who moves your soul, and whereupon you are lost to both time and dimension. It's in that intertwining of two cords of life that the sweet little twister mingles our souls. A trip through death's emboldened door into heaven, even if only for now.
And isn't anything that you do with your soul, absolutely your art? Even, or maybe especially, when it’s in your sex. )

Changing up the rhythm

i wait in the cool sheets
wearing nothing but desire
thinking of you, tonight,
dreaming of your sex, it's on fire

my eyes are closed and yet
i see your strong hand, sweetly
reaching for me,
so instead of sitting, idly burning,
i pray for you to call me

i'm all curled up in my bed,
wishing that love was here with me
oh but it's just a few minutes past noon
so i'll just close my eyes and dream

waiting for the night

So you're laying in bed and this song comes on. I'm not sure if I've never heard it before, or just never really listened, before. Today I really heard it. I had to listen again. And then again. I know the drill when I become obsessed with these things: First swim in it, then let it drown you. Finally, lose yourself in it. That's the whole falling in love with it, thing. Falling.

 The song, well I played it several times because it connected with things I have seen and felt, so it was most welcomed. That perfect bliss where understanding of something whether it's a speck of dust or that your orbit has reversed its spin, or maybe- that another soul knows what yours knows. 

That's what art does- it helps you to recognize, accept, embrace or rise above- whatever you are carrying. It just takes life's scariness and pain, and wraps it in an intriguing package that we revel in opening. In a world of confusion we need the common threads to tie us to our cores and to open us so that we can feel, see and be without fear or self loathing. Belly to belly, the epicenters of our truth sensors are meant to connect.You're making my belly tumble. It's good to be heard.

Please sit back, let go of your thoughts and enjoy this dream, too...

You know that I could use somebody...someone like you.  ; )

Birthed right

He cannot be happy, until he chooses to be happy.
We make these choices, I think, because we don't believe in happiness.
Unhappiness is our mother and the father of our esteem.
I saw this darkness in her and felt its sting in me.

I remembered that i knew that once.
Let it go.
It is not real.

Happiness is what we came here for.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scorpion moon

When every atom in your evening
spins itself a new direction
whether you are here or there
my core is tethered to yours

I can't stop thinking about you, tonight

make me dizzy

Tell me that you are thinking of me

Monday, July 21, 2014

An Imperceptible Shift

And though I have no right to wonder
about you, or what was once we
I can't help myself, but to wander
roaming through the city streets

but only in my mind this time
There'll be no reach, of hand or eye
So dream with ease, to find your wish
for I'll kiss you more quickly than silence

...ahhhh just one more glimpse of you...

There's a whole in the sonnet, dear Laura, dear Laura...

You must have known the way it felt
when I fell into your kiss so deep
you surely felt my woman melt
your steel resolve, while on my knees

Verse 2  (...grrrrr this is going to be a tough one)
Is it okay to skip a verse? What if it's the bridge between the insanity and the reality of life. Is either one real? It's just love. This is just life. I'm praying:Please don't give up on me.

But I think maybe you didn't see
the things that I had seen
for if you felt what I can feel
you'd still be here, loving me

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Fifth of July!

"One who loves all the world as if it were his own flesh and blood, can be relied upon to rule an empire." - Lao Tzu

I wonder how it makes God (or in my little world, "Love") feel to see that all of these children have drawn lines between themselves and their others.

I can't help but think that it tears the very fabric of being away from its cloaking, to reveal a broken, baffled patriarch who wanted nothing more than to watch its offspring thrive and be happy.

How sad that we can't hear each other's pleas, see each other's smiles and hug each other's children.

In the name of self we have claimed or stolen land so that we can feed our own children. Then we condemn others for trying to commit the sins which we had already mastered.

I look at my own children and know that my parental love wants to see them thrive and be happy. So how could a "greater" love than this want anything less for its beloved? For whose children have you planted your flag? Whose love are you emulating?

Love is love. Go get you some!

It's never too late to be something better.