Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Been here before. Now I
Remember that pain is
Only a symptom of this
Karma thing,
Endlessly reminding us of what we
Need to know


I'm tired of begging to know what I need to. Life keeps throwing rocks at my window while I sleep, trying to wake me, and while I'm awake, trying to knock me out.
But what is it that you say? I'm too blind to read your lips and too deaf to hear your whispered secrets. Please show me what I need to know.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

free water in a drought

through my open window
in the very early morning
I heard the sounds of a storm
in the wind nudging the trees
to dance and sing to the beat
of the rain dropping
sounds all around me

through that gap rang the
joyous song of  coyotes
praying grace for the
good that had befallen them
for the filling of their bellies
were the blessings of the gods
for their goodness

into my room seeped
the magic of grace
as grace chose to show me
that love was all around me
in spite of the dark that had bound me
and kept me from being me
quenched in your water, finally free

Waving goodbye

Yesterday lives in all of our tomorrows
Today is the air that steeps the now away
We are never not what has made us
We are always a collage of what we have been
Shining in the light of what we'll be, not
what we once thought
made us wonderful

When it all ends, there will be no past, present or future. There will only be love, cast in shadows of beauty.

"We need beauty because it
makes us ache
to be
worthy of it." -Mary Oliver

Wonderful is like a wave
that breaks and rushes in
not all at once, but with
one breaker riding the back
of another and that,
the one before it.

It's all waves.
It's all ocean.
We're all coming while
we're all going

Dive in
and be baptized
in the tumbling,
shape of danger

Better to drown than to
sit on the shore,

Dive in.

the snooze button

Let not my heart be weighted
Nor my love be blind or shaded
If my light be sadly faded
When love comes once again fated,
Knocking at my door

May two fiery souls’ union
Come to me none too soon then
With a blessed and warm reunion
Of two souls' unabashed communion,
Oh love, come call on me

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A week from yesterday

Don't be sad
there is nothing left for us to lose
In this emptiness remains
very few things from which to choose
In a world with no apparent riches
there is fullness in the dreams
those which offer simple gifts to us
those which fill the emptiness
with songs of love and light for us

-I always knew you and I always will

Monday, April 14, 2014

wakin up

My soul was born into this world in an evening
when the light barely hinted at the color of the sky
and waited patiently
for the morning to come on the songs of the birds
time to open these eyes and feel
the presence of the light and be
not just a shadow against the coming night
where colors drown themselves in dreams

sing me a new song

Sunday, April 13, 2014

a whim or two

The heart of g()d

You must have been the heart of God
when Love was what God thought of

In the radiance of your loving kindness
You ignited the sky's lights by the billions

And in morning's gift of sky so blue, I swear-
God loves me more, when my thoughts are of you

In you, so right, I am blessed and beloved
for you must have been what God thought of

When God first thought to Love

The will to love

Is it the light slipping quickly
through the flitting leaves,
whose swiftness deems it
blindingly sharp?
Is it the cool of the spring's
evening air that freezes the warmth
of the hills' cold and stoney heart

Could the absence of love
be the valley in which
her soul drowns in
the early morning's gray fog
Is it the night, or its loneliness,
that chases her heart from
the hands of hope and love

Where is the will
the wanting and the thrill
for it seems gone from here
where is her soul now beating
Was it stolen by the man who lied
mangled by the one who cried
Has it withered in the famine's wealth of hunger?

The light slips through the flitting leaves
but this time it failed to blind her
for she is gone from this old place
and so the light must wander
In the hidden branches of my sweet shade tree, 
hides a sweet baby bird from his enemy
as the light quietly fades into night,  where it will surely find her

Friday, April 11, 2014

My angels must have known
That I was on the verge
of breaking last night
So they rocked me to sleep
And held me so closely
Then sprinkled light in my eyes
And peace in my heart as they
Sweetly, firmly woke me

I have got to get out of this thing

Saturday, April 5, 2014

a little reflection of you

If you and I are one, than how is being true to yourself the most important thing? Unless you are true to all.

Why is it that your love cannot cure another?

Love is the cure, but a reverence for your own self is what will save you.

There is nothing more worthwhile than loving another.

There is nothing more wonderful than being honored for your love.

There is nothing more painful than realizing that you have hurt someone else.

There is no pain more exquisite than when love walks out your door.

You have loved, have you not? Then count yourself among the fortunate.

Don't cry, you'll waste precious water.

Honor the fortune and it will find you again.

Fortune doesn't waste its time looking for those who hide from it.

Like begets like.

Don't take it all so personally.

When someone turns their back on you it has nothing to do with you not being wonderful.

You always were, always are and always will be wonderful.

Even the earth has seasons, so why shouldn't love?

Love, like life, blossoms and grows.

Life, like love, eventually ends.

Don't stand there, crying.

Get on with the dying.

And one day, rise again.


Spreading through my veins
it seeps into my art
the pulsing, quickening effusion
of your placebo steals my heart

Lay me down and knock me out
your touch is like a drug
I fall into your clutches, hiding
til the morning wakes me up

Your love is like a drug
but I'm the one addicted
Starved, I reach for your dripping needle
as my mind grows more conflicted

Drowning in this rush of blood
can this mayhem somehow sustain me?
I crave another hit from you
for your love has cut me deeply

Pain, pain go away, don't come back another day

Friday, April 4, 2014

purple crush

The first time I saw you
I saw nothing
til the time that I saw you
as nothing less than the world

The last time that I held you
I felt nothing
til this love feels strong enough
to choose burning, over losing you

This time I love you
more than ever was before
til I hold you one more time
and again my mind is blown

don't know
love is

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

another new dream

Prancing down a darkened trail
lights have all gone out
The sun has settled in to rest as
creeping critters greet the night

Whispers from those hidden eyes
which never see the light
follow me to another world
where they can be so bright

 *I cannot see the moon tonight
It hides its face from me
But in its place I see the stars
The ones you picked for me

Inside the dark and frigid night
I watch with wonderment
As stars propelled by magic's spell
Race quickly across the heavens

The night guard watches, waiting
As the new moon hides her face
The owl cuts loose and rises
Giving dark's stars quite the chase

The cold but silent chill I feel
Brings shivers from within
But oh the stars that light the sky
Make quite the raucous din

*I cannot feel the moon tonight
It hides its pull from me
But in this place the bright stars whisper
Their quiet secrets to me

oh please show me a new dream