Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


What is a fish that can not swim
gills filled with air, listless little fins

What becomes of the bird who cannot fly
unable to dodge the predator's eye

Where is the day when there is no sun
with no moon by night, enslaved to none

What is a heart that knows not love?
For what, if any, then-could be enough?

You move me

An elapsing wave
now just water creeping
returns to the ocean,
to become the rolling
and rushing novel
unabashedly crashing again

A breaker ever changing
contrived of the arcane
born anew, swirling
to awaken
this perpetual current of
change which washes away

What it ever thought to be

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Biopsy: testing of a mass to rule out that which kills

Any notion bought into by the mass(es) is bound to be a death sentence for any who do not subscribe. My subscription expired long ago when I opted out of any containment of magic, of the infinite, of eternity...of god.

Massive error...defining a belief. But I suppose there is a safe haven for a sleeping heart, encapsulated in belief. Just not for me.

ask not of love what love should give,
for the light of love is limitless

trap not this splendor in a jar,
for then the splendor would be gone

think not how far the light can reach,
for this, only the open heart can see

ask not of god what god is,
for god cannot be told by lips

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Many times, recently, I have heard that the gift of grace is our birthright. That our love from God is a given, and that we have just to claim it. This makes me think of my own children and how I love them. Even when they are difficult and I wished they lived elsewhere, all I have to do is remember their first smiles, or their greatest accomplishments, and I'm back where I should be.

Does God ever despair about us? Do our judgments and misdeeds ever dishearten the greatest heart? Or is this love beyond measure so immune to our shortcomings, because it only sees the good? Does it know that everything else is merely a  stepping stone into a baptism of acceptance which will wash over us, over and over again- as the waves of the ocean kiss the shore? Or maybe, just maybe, there is no judgment, no "God." How could anything that is supposed to be pure love, EVER judge us? Maybe God is just the force of love this world has to offer. Maybe it's just the love inside of us...inside of me. Maybe I Am.

You must have been the heart of God
when Love was what God thought of

In the radiance of your loving kindness
You ignited the sky's lights by the billions

And in morning's gift of sky so blue, I swear-
God loves me more, when my thoughts are of you

In you, so right, I am blessed and beloved
for you must have been what God thought of

When God first thought to Love

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sitting, I watch the limbs bend in the breeze, and cower in the storm
In my numbness I watch the light succumb to the night's darkness,
before the darkness yields to morning's light
So how would I not feel and know another's truth?

I remember the time that I watched the fire consume the forest and its fringes
Today I party with the new baby greens... how is one ever more beautiful
than the other?


Getting along with any situation, especially a difficult one, and coming out with a gift.

Coping with life's variations, differences, roadblocks and shitstorms.

Finding your way through a madness, to a resolution-even if it's not to your own satisfaction.

Feeling the pain of an assailant, as they slay you in the darkened night.

There is an aesthetic to coping-beyond the egoic boundaries-in a place of understanding-only seen in the light.

Some day, we will all see/be/kneel there.

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...

Monday, March 18, 2013

dreaming is free

there was a brilliant glow turning black into light,
as breathlessly I beckoned the call of my flight
the earth stopped its spin, ending the race
tell me -
              what did I see before I saw your face?

the black sky was so still as if frozen in time
awaiting the change to a thaw most divine
then came morning's light melting ice into blue
tell me-
            what did I drink before I drank you?

tickled and silly and drowning in space
the euphoric end of hearts wild, without pace
I surrender to you and beckon this death
tell me-
            did I ever breathe before you were my breath?

a hungry mingling of souls' limbs to touch
this heated fury of waters that rush
swimming in a notion known by so few
tell me-
            what was love before I loved you?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DJ 03.16.13

We sat on a cloud so thick that it held us
all of us
the dream team, the bevy of beautiful
the workers of light

Not a cloud that gives rain, nor a cloud
that can be seen but with
the help of a greater eye- either a telescope
or the power of one

We surmised without doubt that
the reason of truth comes
when we close our eyes and cannot see
til we see, in our "dreams" what is real

We were all there
We were with you
Was it yesterday or a million
years ago? Or a billion beyond?

We held each other in the light
of love, in our truth
for there was no other
dream to live

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Falling up

There was no crisper line that could ever
be drawn between the depth of night and the
eternal dawn where we drew with our eye
tho we could not see beyond this shadowing
smearing of torn clouds bleeding
gray across the sky

On the edge of darkness who could ever know
if we are falling or flying, above or below
in a pool of black or a palette of light
mixed with smatters or remnants of
love and light that streak the
sky with madness

In that place where my dark met your darkness
where all colors melted into one
not the illusory box of crayons that have
colored the matter of substance beyond
the lines which blind us as we, the darkened embers
rage fervently into this night

Love n light 2 U!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Turn me oh!ver

Writing my wrongs in this black box of shame
Humming some hims to erase all the blame
Kneeling before you, I’s lowered in shame
As pen-nance releases my runaway game

Whisper my seek-ret through these cuts in the steal
Where you hear me, and hold me and tell me to feel
So I squirm and erupt as I rise to my heals  
Shedding shame’s ugly skin, for flesh's a-peel

Holding me farther away from your hearth
where my lips cannot bellow your prodigal spark
Where our fire dares not flare to then fall apart
Hold me where the flame is real, not a shot in the dark

Righting your wrongs in this black box- no shame
Kneeling before me, you bowed down and I came
I dream of melting your tower of shame, as
I burn slowly, warmly- please don't dampen this flame

Til you gush your secrets through the holes in this fence
The wall crumbles between us, as we move to confess
And we shed all the wrongs, and move on to the best
In the light, in this love, we will truly be blessed

Pen-nance: The act of writing your wrong

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You mean, we actually are all one?

If G!d looked in a mirror, what would G!d see?

You, me, him, her, us, we, them, US, Europe, Africa, Earth, Solar System, Space, black holes...F^@&!...are those my pores?  :) beautiful as we are!


Remember the times that we loved
when we ran,
our hair flying in the wind,
As we soared...with
our arms spread across the sky
embracing the currents
of ecstasy

A thousand times I have fallen
my heart racing,
and breaking and churning,
as I loved,
my eyes closed as I felt
the soft calling of
your laughter, your burning fire

For ever I will be with you
although I never
knew your name-just your face
for one inimitable speck of time
for you filled my heart
with wonder, filled it with hope
you brought me home again

Like birds we were free to fly

...but maybe you never even saw me

Love is eternal-even when it seems to live for just one moment

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breath of fresh air

It's hard to look at anything when you're standing in a thick fog. It hovers, quenches, engulfs and blinds you so that what you have left, is only to feel. Love is a lot like that.

Staring into the sun we can no longer see anything but light. Feeling my sight,  or what I think I see, fading away - I realize that love is a lot like that.

In last week's dream I was falling endlessly. I never hit the bottom of anything so I gave in to the sensation and just fell, enjoying the rush. Knowing that I could not be hurt I wondered if real love was like that.

Yesterday I watched from the safety behind the glass, how the wind whisked away the branches, the dust, the leaves and the flowers. It rearranged hair and clothes, as shrieks of uncertain delight rang from the lungs of the innocents. I found myself yearning for love to sweep me away-just like that.