Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi Cuckoo

The sun does not rise
we do in
each incarnation
of love's light
in life's fine turnings

Form is senseless- a mere suggestion of terms dictated by one in an effort to convey to another what we mean. I choose often, not to be educated for knowledge can taint truth and lead us to believe in things such as the sun's rising or the moon's partiality. Some truths of others can open doors for us, but once we forget that we are the cosmos of all being, we are one with only darkness.

Why does Haiku have to be three lines? Go me crazy...just don't try to make me believe it.

The end of the world

The birds' frolicking songs grow louder
Oh, it's going to be a beautiful day
Silently, I listen as your voice calms me
Guess it's time... I'm on my way

Thank you for the love you give me
Your strength- is always right here with me
This day won't be like any other
With me, your soul will surely hover

Be with me...
I know you'll be with me

Can you get this one for me?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't forget to turn on the sprinklers!

Does the desert know anything about thirsting?
Does the sky stop to think to be blue?
Does the flower ever not choose to open?
Does my heart know how to not want you?

Can't stop the rain from falling
Can't dim the setting sun
We can cut the flowers into nothing
But what good is it to relinquish love?

Why do some people decide not to love? Is the fear that bad? Are they holding on to hurt? Or was the love they had not worth the trouble? Sometimes my body and soul are wrenched in pain because of my craving for love.  I fall in love for micro minutes each time I entertain the thought of someone, as I try to be with their goodness. I can't stop crying anymore when I see that soulful love of couples-even if it's just on my television.

I can't wait for the flood where I will spin, dancing madly in its shower. Thank you.


   Dream drops falling
between rays of splintered light
where there is no room for fear-
only love and warmth and kindness
   Darkness steps aside
as there is no room for madness
midst the vibrations of the
angels' wings, their ethereal touch that dances
   Time cannot be counted
when the rhythmic coursing beats
in to the the dance of timeless age
frenzied by the dreams we choose to need
   Lost in time and lost in this space
holding firm in this enticing place
heart beating quickly as if in a race
to save my soul, my heart, my face

from losing once again

while dream drops splash about me
gently tapping out the unsung song
in the secret key of dreamy notions,
the ones that wake and woo me

While I was putzing in the front of the house this morning a neighbor walked by and thoughtfully reminded me (as he spied my withering fake grass), "Don't forget to turn on your sprinklers." I giggled at his silliness and thought of a different reminder to the contrary, which I never hear anymore.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hope on a rope

For what did the coyotes call last night
what bellowing echo lingered there
what yearning whispered in the proud wolf's howl
and what magic erupted from the eyes of the owl

What dream remained in the lingering light
as day slipped away, fading into the night
There is nothing left but the memory of dreams
not even the will to be as it seems,

filled with desire

or maybe, to just slip away

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hush, little baby...

Before time heals our wounds
time dulls the pain a little
Before the pain began to dwindle
we were crying in our sleep
and crying out in pain
Before we cried we bled
at least a little or maybe it
gushed from our veins
Before we screamed in agony
we were gutted by the mauling
of injustice and heartbreak
Yet before we were gutted
we fell quietly, wholly into
the point which broke us forever

But time will heal us
We no longer bleed
and the cries come only
so often
Just cry my weepy one
take all the time you need,
for time, it heals all wounds

I love you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the red flip flops of wonder and greatness

All that greatness ever takes, is deciding that you're going to be. Whether in love, work, art, or nothingness...just choose it.

There's no place like home... (her tired dogs barked... :)  )  I crack myself up

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Water works

If you stick a pin in a balloon the water does not trickle out. No, the whole thing bursts and the flood ensues.

Pent up emotions are a lot like an overfilled balloon which can burst from too much air, or explode when needled by painful truths.

Today's activities drained me. But I was ready for the letting. Pretty much begging to be beaten to death by it, so that I could start anew. What's the point in holding onto balloons anyway? All we do is worry about keeping them in our control, or watching them get away from us.

Pop the sucker and move on!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deja hoo?

Oh let me be the one
Who fills and moves your sails
The one who thrills your senses
A love that never pales
Oh let me be the coupling
That conducts your flowing current
The pulse that beats and quickens
The one your yearning dream meant
My heart knew yours
So long ago
It might have been a dream
But then I saw your
Face once more
Among the living realm
Why don't you want to be the one
The one who’d die to move me
The one who craves this radiant vibe
That soothes your soul, completely
Oh won’t you be the kiss of g~d
Your lips upon my lips
My sweetest song, like heaven's touch
Strummed from your fingertips
Your heart knew mine
Before- I know
In a different place and time
When I saw your face in
this familiar place
I knew you’d soon be mine

Owl be waiting...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Soft as a baby's bottom

Can we diminish the polarities
between right and wrong
and float freely between
you and me
she and he
earth and sky?
Be well in the center
between black and white
pain and laughter
heaven and earth
dark and light?

If there was no ugliness, we would all just be beautiful.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

the Seven of Poetry

Speak your mind
and don't be afraid
of who's listening
or who isn't.

Open your heart
never fearing who
might come in or
who might leave.

Live in grace
in that place where
fear and pride cannot
taint your beauty

Sigh...this wasn't the actual message. It came to me in a dream which I will try to re-visit tonight. I wonder if we'll ever have DVRs -dream viewing repeaters implanted in us.

Tonight I will wish for an old dream as well as a new one. Who knows- maybe they are one and the same.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And if by a cultural problem, you mean that we live in two different worlds-I'll wave the white flag for the one where the theory and the impetus is to make things better for all. I want to live in a world where caring is the sword that fights for a unity, freedom and happiness for all. I'd rather have my taxes pay for happy children and parents and masses of families everywhere, than to stockpile gold bouillon for a select few who will never realize its value as a hoarder never enjoys its wealth.

This golden oldie (weirdest post ever)

Hard times are like that part of the day when
the sun is setting and you are blinded by the crazy light.
But- after it clears the hills and the golden glow spreads
its magic over the land, all you see is the beauty of
what has been and what is now- all aglow in that golden sight
of your aged wise eyes when
all that you have left to believe in
is the magic of what will be

Looking at myself in the glare of this screen, seeing my own happy reflection-the one with the pouty lips and the tight skin I know that I have finally discovered the fountain of youth. It's in every smile and every grasping of love. Thank you.

Look to the east
when the light is blinding you
find the beauty in the light and love
of what has always been with you

Beauty is not in the eyes of your beholder,
but rather in the eyes of what you choose to behold
Take my sight-go ahead
for you cannot take what I have seen
nor what my heart will hold forever