Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What day is it?

Maybe today is the day you decide enough is enough.

Maybe today you will know that you are worth more than what you are getting, and do not deserve what you are tolerating.

Maybe today is the very day you will make a choice that will bring you peace and happiness.

Maybe today you will find the courage inside yourself to do the thing you think you cannot do.
-Jennifer Jones

Maybe today is the day that you accept and embrace the wonder that engulfs every miracle in this universe- the very light inside of you.

Ashes to ashes, Us to us

Perception, aka my reality, goes down in that place where I process what is laid before me. My truth is only as poignant as my wealth of experience enhanced by an ability to process, or if I'm lucky- think beyond.

So sweet, the laying down of palms and then the donning of their ashes. It reminds me of the fire ceremony that I love to do, where I release or "repent" my shortcomings- opening the door to goodness and wonder. My gratitude for seeing this is immeasurable as it further deepens my appreciation for our similarities, our ONE common goal. We may have different ways of doing things, but we all love, we all hope and in a beautiful world- we all strive to be better.

Thank you, sweet friend, for helping me see something a little more clearly.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

turn it on

with the wondering
and the searching
for some clarity,
some meaning or
even just a "duh"
Curious fervor fills
the nooks and cracks
cramming them so full
that the thoughts spill over
into the next crack
Til all is smooth with
nothing left to need some
great thought or understanding...
when finally a surge of brightness
precedes the vanishing light
yet in the dark you see more
than you ever thought there was to see
And there aren't any questions left
just knowing smiles of understanding
how was I ever so silly
now I'm just a fool
always laughing in the dark

Monday, February 20, 2012


Today I wandered
across a dry and
withered field where
nothing and no one could
beneath the infinite sky,
one small soul and her
silly little runaway fancies

which escaped her

But there, beneath my stare
laid the fragments of
an air castle's dreaming
for which I could not
help but wonder
from whose hands it had slipped...
had a heart been left longing...
or was this all that remained
of a once fiery yearning or

                                                         ...did someone simply let it go?

Let it out
Let it go
Let it be
Splendor can not be contained in want

looking for beautiful

Dreaded daylight's dimming
quiets remnants of the light within
when dark descends and steals from me
what I thought would be my dream

No words to bless this emptiness
no touch to feel this dwindling bliss
the dream I stoked throughout this day
is closing its sleepy eyes to rest

The wonder of  this fire within
consuming what's been sorely missed
has burned a deeper dream so sweet
which whispering winds have promised me
But oh- another night and one more day
have now come to fruitless pass
but tomorrow brings another hope
for the brighter light I yearn to know as

The mares cross night time's burning hills
their thunderous pace in silhouettes
against the flames that are scorching these
fiery dreams whose heat can free the seed

of sweeter dreams, more beautiful

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My mid life cry, Sis

When I think back over my life there are certainly regrets, times when I still wish there was a do-over button. It's funny how these times are never the same as the ones where I tried harder or practiced kindness.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Line up!

Why do we draw lines around our hearts?

Defining ourselves whether it's love, politics, not-love, hatred, sexism, racism, or expectations... these lines yield one common result: deprivation. They keep out the love, joy and light that make us more beautiful.

We're always trying to get rid of the lines we wait in and the lines on our faces.  :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Alone in the night
the storm sets
The dark can't see
what is haunting
Abandoned old heart
beats steadily
in spite of the freeze
in spite of this
Icicle daggers
tear me a new
but hey, it's only love-
It'll come 'round


Confessions of a loveaholic

I want it
I love the way it tastes
I think about it all day long
I dream about it every night
I swoon when I see others partake,
knowing the ecstasy they must be feeling
I'm so sad and lonely yet
so glad and hopeful
There is nothing I want more
than to feel the warmth of a yearning touch
the depth of caring in a smitten stare
where is the stroke of pleasure as I
turn toward you, reach my mouth forward,
run my hand down your long, strong thigh

Everything tastes better and pours a little sweeter
when it's flavored with love's splendor
All is wonder
all is better
when to love's spell our wills surrender
Nothing left to want
nothing next to need
Love fills the holes of all
love frees the newborn seeds
of hope and depth and joy

Who is the angel
in charge of this ball
who calls the numbers
for one and all
So many have won it
I alone lose
each time I wish
each time I choose
where is the charm
the luck I seek
Why, it is hidden
deep inside of me
Today is the day to
turn it on, this love
I love must be my own
turned on
for I am love
I am the seed
I am all the luck I need

when love paints the sky
in fantastic colors
and breathes new scents
into every flower
and counts its infinite
number of petaled soft wonders
and takes me to the place
where everything is more
beautiful and alive
because of it
because it called my number

Love is life's crayon which colors us beautiful

Friday, February 10, 2012

: )

He said that life's greatest gift had been given to him, the day he saw her smile.

Tripping the lights fantastic

Their voices called to me as I flew by
Each star in the sky sang its own song
And in wonder I welled and swelled as
I tarried by each one for what seemed like forever
Til off I flew to the next luminous miracle
Squealing with delight as the wind and
The stardust rushed across my face and through my hair
I looked back and saw the billions of stars
With whom I had sang and breathed and loved
Then looked forward in anticipation of what
Was yet to come
A billion more lights each offering me
Their luminous treasures for
just one second, which holds eternity

No wonder I wake up so tired

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

after all...

Did you see it?
It was a glint of light
mingled with day before
turning to night

one small flash of wonder
as I danced through day's light
propelled by the magic
of this dream's lovely might

Did you hear it?
It was a note of splendor
which harmony joined
in the sweetest surrender

one small clash of thunder
that wakened the earth
as sweet spirits slept
awaiting their birth

Did you feel it?
moving just for a second,
the universe trembled
for it knew what my heart meant

one small jolt of motion
one heart can't stop beating
one soul for its wanting
one great dream for the taking

     -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

(And I hovered over you today
I hope you do not mind
but as my heart was flying by,
I felt your soul in kind

one flash of lightning
which caught my eye
your dream's bright light-
just lit the sky) is a small world!