Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I saw the bird mince the sky
with its whipping wings
creating currents to shoo the breeze
which touch and tickle the face of me

Why has it been so difficult to embrace the magnitude of wonder, to submit freely to those things that seem so much bigger than us? As if it was a soap bubble blown by the giggling child who dropped her wand to appease her newest fancy, we have learned to not trust wonder. But wonder is as real as it is inside you or me, he or she, or all of us. We just have to want it. We just have to.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

if not for me, then for the world...

Ask of me anything you want
take whatever you think you need
Know that I will surely give
for love has made a slave of me

Towering tree beyond my reach
ever stretching toward the sky
never does it fail to shelter
the restless wings of tireless flight

nor does the ocean cease to harbor
whales or turtles or angle faced fish
with never a question and never a doubt
for love's beating heart is anonymous

It's not that I crave your hungry, warm kisses
or the grasp of your strong, searching hand
These treats after all are not mine to savor
but I once knew your heart in the world of forever

So ask what you will and take what you need
for mine is the deepest pleasure
when I pray that I give you what you need to become
love's devoted slave, forever

Monday, September 1, 2014

A lull, a bye

i dream of you
in every knight that
the seeping red moon, cut
by its own sharpened crescent,
buckles to its needs

and yet it has not lost, but won
this bloody war
for it melts slowly, drowning in
its own wait of heaviness

us, the one we came to be
or did we lie our way
into this?
or does it even matter?
why or how or when, or Hoooom?

what, exactly, is this?

we are the joys,
we are the sorrows
i would not ever have known
how much i loved you
if you still loved me

because you left me,
not because you loved me;
i am untied.  so i let you go.
a common thread which I must find
again, once the dawn wakes me