Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Let it wreck you
until you don't care to fight it,
You get used to it
then it doesn't hurt so much,
You learn to feel
in spite of what it will take from you,

Monday, August 24, 2015

the other side of life

no longer from the rusted laurels of my squandered youth
do i seek to hide amidst the withering leaves.
does youth end when death shows you its soul,
or is that just the way it rises, to finally begin?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New men

Love me, and let me love you.
We’ll come and go, but
Linger long and longingly, when we do,
Unabashedly bowing to the light of me,………you,……….we.

I say “me” first for you and me, the we, are me and
you know that. With you I am free to start
My sentences with “I” because you always know
Just what we mean.

Thank you.
Thank you for seeing the love in every heart,
Light in every star,
Every one of my heart’s beats within the pounding of your own.
(Here I sleep peacefully, knowing your love cannot mame.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)

I need someone to help diffuse this overload
Of love and light
Before I swell so big I burst,
Or fizzle into etheric bliss
Come love me, and let me love you.

You should love me and let me love you. Y'know...if you want to. I'll be hoping you do. I think you want me to.

What is god? I don't know, but I suspect it is a collective wonder of every heart.  Maybe we are god when we learn to be love in spite of this flesh and most certainly, because of it. We bow to this numen, this choice to live in love.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


What if I knew that TRULY loving myself
that I truly love ALL of the world
honor EACH and every one of them
KNOWING that they too, are love?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The root of all Ego

What is it about anniversaries of grief-inducing events; freeing us with every hard swallow, into the glorious healing hands of acceptance?

At first it might be minutes since, 
but then hours, days, weeks, 
months, seconds, milliseconds, years
cause pain eternal in every single moment

Wait. What were you wearing?
I don't think I said good bye.

Wait- I need to know now so that
I can remember you (as if I had
taken the time to be with you-
the way you always asked me to,)
and imagine you just as you were
when you walked through the gateway, so Glorious.

What if you go to heaven and I go to hell?
Would you write and tell me 
what it's like down there? 

What if we switched places,
this time knowing
always knowing what it is to love?

It doesn't matter anymore, I know.
But I know, now, how much you mattered
and that you wore your long red dress
which dripped your blood in a circle around my feet.

(I'm so sorry 
I never saw 
you bleeding)

I smeared my finger through the puddle
and wrote your name across the sky
For You are why I love...