Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do you have a minute
to grant me just one answer
to the question in my mind
to this calling from my heart
for i loved you deeply
and bowed in gratitude at your feet
I adored your laughter
and gazed at your beauty
I waited while you slept
and I held you when you couldn't
your tears were the penance of my sins, so
as precious, never wiped from the face of
sorrow we held together
and as i remember the times that
I burned for you
and the times my heart melted
There is just one remaining wonder
in the mauling of my heart...
                                              do you ever think of me?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My foolish heart
that tumbles with weeds
that giggles in folly
and begs for love's plea

awakened in tears of
the early morning's fog
or lulled by the chorus
of the crickets' rhythmic song

my heart becomes one with
the patter of the rain
or the rushing of a river
whether to swell or sadly drain

my foolish heart joins
the echoes of the thunder in the hills
never thinking for a moment
of the possibility of its will- or its won't

In the butterfly so free or
the howling young coyote
the call of the beckoned love
is what my heart sees clear enough

in the face of the man whose
name I never knew
my heart bowed down before his
kindness, before his love of you

and I loved him
for just one moment
for his beauty and his song
that can be heard in the
flitting of the butterfly's wings
the call of the coyote
the river's rushing mightily
as the rain pours down gently
tickling my laughing soul

for love is love is love

even just for a moment

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Born again

The skeleton key to happiness is in crucifying the confines of belief. Transcend the closet and be what best serves your heart, and what makes the world better. Let the light in.

Oh those sharp little edges. Don't play with that knife unless you're willing to bleed. :)


Prowling the hills
solitary we hunt
for sustenance
we scour the earth

Finding the kill
that pertinent fill
but rooting for pain
we’re just hungry again

Rip it to shreds
mouth dripping with blood
Coming up for air
we have nothing to fear

Can you survive the stream
Of the blood that flows
Can you rip it to shreds
Will you break bread with me

Will you wear the warm pelt
As we worship the sun
And peacefully slumber
Once the feasting is done

Can the warmth of our flesh
thaw the raw of our souls
Can the depth of our truths
quench us, hungry carnivores

As they lay in the dirt
our hearts beating aloud
They poke and they laugh
The finger pointing crowd

Can you swim up the stream
Of the blood that flows
Can you rip it to shreds
Won't you break bread with me

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GJ 08.14.12

Today was wonderful. I worked hard and I helped people and although my body tired, my spirit did not. This part of me has finally come home. It took longer than I wanted but it came. My hunger bade its return. But return, it could not, until I learned to hunger once again. Thank you, life. Thank you, love. Thank you for bringing me home.  Thank you for staying with me while I have learned to be strong again. Thank you for teaching me that there is nothing weak about weakness. Thank you that I feel beautiful again. Thank you that my body is becoming strong again. Thank you that my children are healing and becoming bountifully happy. Thank you. Thank you for taking care of even my strangest little needs, every time I dare to honor or speak them. Thank you for what is coming, and for my thankful heart which spills over, filling the river on which I will sail into happiness.
Thank you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hold my heart tonight
keep it safe from all the sounds
of loneliness and fear
and of things I cannot dream

Hold me close tonight
be the soothing balm that
heals me be the easy slip that
frees me...
from me
Hold my heart tonight
reach your strong heart toward mine
sit beside me in the dimming light
be my brightness, be my guide

Please, won't you hold my heart tonight
hold me close through all the darkness
while I cherish the light and kindness
beating through your heart to mine

...hold my heart

Saturday, August 11, 2012


when it calls my name and reaches out to me
love never lets me fail to see
the hours that I cried nor the minutes I was free
for it all is what has made this of me

when I reach through the jagged fence of my heart
love never fails to make me bleed
for it is in the keeping of the goddess, lovely
that loving this light will set me free

it's not the questions that burn down the long night
that force the light to make me see
it is when love calls my name, so lovingly,
in god's face, the mirror, I can finally be


For I must have been the heart of god
when Love was what god thought of

In the radiance of his loving kindness
I ignite the sky's lights by the billions

And in morning's gift of sky so blue, I swear-
god loves me more, when my thoughts are true

In me, so right, I am blessed and beloved
for I must have been what god thought of

When god first thought to Love

Friday, August 10, 2012


Throwing in the towel. Not the towel I need, but the one that I don't need. The one that sits in the cupboard, unused because it's too pretty to mess up.
Giving away the excess. Not the things that warm me, but the ones that sit cold and alone because I do not love them. What's the point in saving things that do not suit me, when there are hungry people waiting for food? What's the point of cluttering my energy with remnants of the sad past, when instead I could be making room for the hope that I need?

Stagnancy clutters the vibration so I'm throwing out the towel...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

you can

Swimming out into the deep blue sea
Floating quietly for a moment til any
Thoughts of returning to safety pale
In the light of going for it

Reaching for the splendid dream
Of love or light or bliss
I cannot shelter my heart or soul
From the fear of maybe, losing it

In each day or hour or moment
When fear and doubt are spurned
The moment of bliss when I  touch the light-
This is the point of know return