Reaching out beyond the dream of what you thought was real, spinning on this ball of life, head now under heel. Ready to die, to live this life so raw, alive on ledge- dancing, hurling, freeing your soul to finally stretch the edge.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The ink is black, the paper's white, so the whole world learns to read and write. So, why do you always need to be right?

Nothing means more to me, as
I search to be the love of jesus
than for you to know how much
I honor your thoughts
     your pains

The only lines that draw our parties,
are the ones... the ones that capture and hold us
the evil roots of needing to believe in something.

I'm so sure now, that I've started a sentence with "I," that I know something of value that I stomp my foot to demand you hear me.  Can you be "here" with me?

Your money, which buys you a fancy pool or fat, diamond ring: profits the rich with their investments and returns.  I mean if technology brings things a little easier, the price should go down, right? But a bunch of people capitalize on the technology which weighs their financial system down with stones so that CEOs and people with fat 401Ks continue to back them with their beliefs and bank accounts.

CAPITALISM SUCKS for the "middle Class."  I mean, if the 'middle' needs to get so segmented, then, well, our middle is the majority.  So why are so many of "US" not voting for what will help US?  Why are we casting votes for the rich to succeed, when it forbodes that the MAJORITY of us won't?  What the fuck is wrong with America? It's turning into the land of the Greed and the home of the GRAVE.

We REALLY need to give up this need to be RIGHT all the time.